The Travel Trade Supplier Certification Program


Becoming a "TradeSmart Certified Supplier"

New Brunswick tourism suppliers are invited each year to attend a seminar that addresses the "how-to's" of doing business with the travel trade and explains the TradeSmart program in more detail. Attendance at the seminar is mandatory for all new applicants.

 A kit and application form are provided at the seminar or can be requested via email.

Approval for certification will be based on having published policies that are responsive to travel trade needs. Those meeting a) all of the essential practices, as well as, b) at least 50% of the preferred policies and practices, will be declared "TradeSmart Certified".

New Brunswick - TradeSmart Fee Schedule
Effective as of April 1, 2005

 Seminar Costs


Seminar fee - The fee is per person.  This includes 2 lunches per participant.



Original Application


By Mail

Basic Application Fee



Dual Application - same business, same policies (otherwise double the fee)



Chains/Groups - several businesses under one application and one contract




Renewal Fees

**Without changes

***With Changes

Annual Renewal - per contract



Dual Application - same business, same policies (otherwise double the fee)



Chains/Groups - several businesses on one renewal application and one contract



*All amounts quoted above are subject to HST.
**No changes to the policies on the original contract
***Change to the policies on the original contract

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

How to Get Involved

Once you have attended a TradeSmart Introductory Seminar (click here for
seminar registration), you can apply for certification: 

  1. Click here to order the application by email or on CD.

  2. Request a hard copy application kit by mail, providing your contact details via email.  Once you have completed the application, return it to:


    C/O New Brunswick Tourism and Parks,

    P. O. Box 6000,

    Fredericton, NB

    E3B 5H1

For more information on how to apply or for free telephone counselling, please contact us at:

Email:  tradesmart@gnb.ca

Phone: 1-888-817-5577 or 506 457-6754

Fax: 506-453-2854


While there are somewhat differing guidelines for accommodations, attractions and activity products, the program guidelines generally characterize the standards in the program.



Becoming Certified