The Travel Trade Supplier Certification Program

Guidelines for TradeSmart Certification

The following is a sample of the program requirements. Successful applicants must meet the basic standards for all of the 'essential practices', covering the deal-maker/ deal-breaker issues like wholesale discounts for trade buyers, block booking availability, year-round reservations support, and other key issues.  They must also meet the basic standards for at least 50% of an additional number of valuable-but-not-critical 'preferred practices', such as post-service payment terms, customized services for trade clientele, etc.  Where a particular policy/standard applies to only one of the product types, the information is in italics.

Applicants can obtain a more detailed listing of program requirements and an application form for certification upon registering with us.   Click here for more information on registering.

The Essential Practices

  • A minimum commission of 10% must be paid for retail travel agency bookings, based on the total value of the booking;
  • Tour operators and other wholesalers with whom you choose to do business should generally be entitled to net rate wholesale discounts;

  • Prices must be made available and guaranteed for at least 12 months in advance of arrival (6 months for FIT);

  • Block bookings must be offered where appropriate and available at least 12 months in advance of arrival (6 months for FIT, or the alternative of a free sale arrangement; also block booking availability for FIT is only required of accommodations, not attractions or activity products);

  • For motorcoach, accommodations must have at least 40 rooms, with at least 27 of them being similar. For other travel trade groups, the minimum is 5 rooms;

  • There must be no seasonal blackout periods (where bookings are closed to the travel trade);

  • Liability insurance must be in place;

  • Accommodations must be graded by Canada Select, at a minimum 3 star grade in their category, attractions must be rated and day adventures must participate in the Provincial day adventures program;

  • Activity product operators must provide a safety orientation program for customers, and maintain a quality safety program;

  • The supplier's reservations service must operate all year, at least 40 hours per week by phone, with voice mail and fax also available;

  • Baggage handling service is required for accommodations;

  • Suppliers must meet all relevant licensing and regulatory requirements;

  • The season of operation must last for a minimum of 90 consecutive days;

Some of the Preferred Practices

  • Deposit requirements should be no more than 15%, 180 days out (FIT bookings should not require deposits);

  • A process should be in place to review and adjust block space;

  • Complimentary services should be provided to drivers and tour guides, where appropriate;
  • Applicants should be prepared to provide marketing support to tour operators, including such things as:
  1. complimentary services for familiarization visits;
  2. colour photography and product information;
  3. marketing support (where the supplier is a major and central component of the tour operator's product);
  • Applicants should be willing to participate in New Brunswick government sponsored and cooperative travel trade marketing initiatives;

Program Guidelines